1 - devices for textile machines

CEI 827

Contact - type electronic seam detector, for head-to-head and overlapped seam. Adjustment for very small, small, medium, big thicknesses. Automatic adjustment with the variation of fabric thickness. 24 Vac Power Supply. Relay output.


CEI 2109

Electronic seam detector, with no fabric contact. Suitable for detecting seam on delicate fabrics. For seam with very small or normal thicknesses. Maximum fabric thickness 10 mm. Working width 500 mm. The device is not suitable for sensing wet fabrics. Instrument CEI 2121 for remote control.


CEI 2059

Infrared electronic sensor for temperature measurement with no members in contact with the material to be measured. Specially conceived for the measurement of rotating or moving members or where it is difficult to house the thermocouple. Max. detecting distance 100 mm.


CEI 2092
Multi-function device for fabrics. Hole detector, with programmable minimum diameter - fabric width readout - Programmable aligner for bank indicator control, centre and left/right. Times and measures setting - "fabric not present" detector. Control from PC, PLC or by the digital instrument CEI 2100. Measurement maximum speed 200 m/min. Fabric maximum width 6 meters. Accuracy 10 mm. Available from 1360 to 6000 mm.
CEI 2045

Infrared optical detector for fabric alignment control. Output for solenoid valves control on 24 VDC. Two static outputs for right and left alignment.


CEI 2060

Infrared optical detector for selvages. Suitable for the use of Torres benches control. 24 Vdc Power supply. Static output for right, left, and center alignment. Suitable for use with CEI 2060 instrument preset for 4 outputs (2 CEI 2060A).


CEI 2026

Carbon fibre antistatic bars. Equipped with assembly brackets and grounding cable. Efficient and low-cost equipment. Maximum width 3000 mm.


CEI 2081

Control and signal device of brushes phase, for raising machines. Arrangement according to the Customer's specific application.