2 - devices for industrial applications

CEI 2117
Star-delta starter for vacuuming equipment. Control and monitoring of asynchronous motors of up to 25 hp. By adding three contactors with adequate power and a main breaker and making a fast and simple external connection, you will be able to manufacture a starter at very competitive prices. There is no need to install a thermal relay, start/stop pushbuttons, several indicator lights, and an ammeter.
CEI 2051
Current load indicator. 10 green LEDs to indicate a load between 0 and 100% and 3 red LEDs for overload signalling. A different acoustic signal sounds when each of the three red LEDs light up. TA inside. Microprocessor-controlled device.
CEI 2050
Current and voltage digital display with programmable maximum current threshold and minimum and maximum voltage thresholds. Microprocessor-controlled device. TA inside. 230 Vac. Buzzer alarm for current and voltage anomalies.
CEI 2052
Digital message display. Very easy to use. By connecting from 1 to 48 inputs to the corresponding terminals, you can assign from 1 to 48 messages, each consisting of up to 48 characters. Programmable external contacts: PNP or NPN, normally closed, normally open, or mixed configurations. Equipped with daily and historic memories, with storage of up to 170 and 1,000 events, respectively. An event can be associated with the closing of a potential-free contact. Power supply: 115-230 Vac. Programmable from a PC through an RS232 serial port using our software. On request, the device can be programmed by our technical staff and supplied ready to use. Timed auto reset functions. 10-ms acquisition time for 48 inputs.
CEI 2143
Motor brake control and monitoring board. Normally installed on asynchronous motors for passive brakes. Power supply 24 Vac. Maximum motor brake current: 5 A 24 Vdc. Automatic timed brake voltage reduction device. Brake monitoring system: if the brake coil breaks, the device sends a 24 Vdc logic signal that can drive a PLC input or control an emergency relay. Brake efficiency LED indicator.
CEI 617
12-LED monitoring panel. Can serve as a replacement for a conventional indicator light panel, thus putting an end to the trouble of frequently changing burned out bulbs. Easily installed and connected. Captions describing each LED function can be typed using a standard typewriter or a PC. Available in two models: one with single color LEDs and the other with two-color LEDs, where each LED actually performs two functions. LED control voltage from 5 to 220 Vac Vdc (to be specified when ordering). Size: 96 x 48 x 110 mm.
CEI 1163
Three-digit digital voltmeter with minimum and maximum alarm thresholds. Power supply 24 Vac. Input signal: from 0 to 10 Vdc. Minimum and maximum display settings. Size: 36 x 72 mm. Depth: 115 mm. Threshold setting by means of a 15-turn trimmer mounted on the back of the instrument. Two contacts available for setting minimum and maximum thresholds.
CEI 201
Three-digit digital voltmeter 96 x 48 x 115 mm. Power supply: 110 220 Vac. Input signal: 0 - 10 Vdc 0 - 100 Vdc 0 - 200 dc.
CEI 1320
Digital voltmeter with 3 digit liquid crystal display. 96 x 72 x 24, panel mount. Power supply 10 - 15 Vdc. Input signal 0 - 10 Vdc. Backlit. Frozen readings.
Synchronism control board. Provides a voltage proportional to the input voltage. Variable input voltage adjustable from 1 to 20 Vdc by means of a 25-turn trimmer. Variable output voltage adjustable from 1 to 10 by means of a 25-turn trimmer. Board power supply +/- 15 Vdc 200 mA.
CEI 1244A
Voltage regulation board. Converts linear input voltage into output voltage with a programmable waveform. Board power supply +/- 15 Vdc 200 mA.
CEI 1208
CEI 1208 Window comparator board. Adjustable Vin1 and Vin2. Adjustable window size (hysteresis). Two relays with exchange contacts for the regulation device increment/decrement function. Power supply +/- 15 Vdc.
CEI 1246
Horse-back fold control and monitoring device. Allows for keeping the fold constant on the stand. The device increases the fabric load capacity by 20 - 30 %. Power supply 230 Vac.