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How many times a month do you find yourself going down to the basement to switch the breaker on?

How many times a month do you find yourself in the dark and don't know what to do?

How often have you asked yourself why these seemingly simple problems haven't yet been solved?

Introducing "ALARM FRIEND", a simple, affordable, easy-to-install solution. Contact your electrician


What "ALARM FRIEND" will do for you:

Avoid sudden power outages.

Keep electric consumption under control.

Energize several home appliances at once in the most sensible way.

Check that your meter is actually delivering enough power .

Before the main circuit breaker trips because of an overload, ALARM FRIEND promptly gives off an optical-acoustic alarm signal.

Technical data:


Supply voltage: 220/230 Vac 50/60 Hz.

Power: ~ 3.5 VA.

Meter selection: 3 kW, 6 kW (others on request).

Silencing the acoustic alarm: by means of a switch.

Current transformer: built-in.

Current setting: by means of DIP switch + trimmer.

Signal delay: 2s (to filter out peaks).

Weight: 230 g. - Maximum dimensions: 70x90 h 60.

Acoustic overload signal: +10% +20% +30%.


Technology: microprocessor-based.


In modular boxes (4 modules, same as for a conventional 4-pole breaker), hole: 70 mm. DIN rail snap mount. Maximum hole diameter for current transformer cable: 6 mm˛.